Grand Family Dentistry Promotes Healthy Habits

37319898_sGood oral hygiene is important for a healthy smile. Scheduling regular professional cleanings and dental visits cannot be over emphasized, but you may have other habits that are detrimental to your teeth. First and foremost, selecting the right  toothbrush is a priority. Bristles that are too hard or stiff can damage the gums and cause bleeding. Preferred toothbrushes are those that are multi-tufted with soft bristles.

Chewing ice, though refreshing, is very damaging. Teeth were not designed to crunch ice. Ice chewing leads to broken teeth and gum injury. The American Dental Association warns patients to avoid ice shewing.

If you know that your teeth are grinding when you sleep, night guards are available to protect against tooth damage. Dr. Grand will help you select the right appliance. Bruxing or tooth grinding, causes wear on teeth, loose teeth, chips, fractures, and jaw pain.

Most people do not realize the serious effect of sugary food and drinks. Sugar increases the risk of tooth decay. Drinking a sugary drink throughout the day continually coats the teeth in damaging acidity.

Grand Family Dentistry works with his patients to eliminate habits that are detrimental to teeth. Check out this site to review testimonials about this amazing dentist.